About Us

How are the best desserts made?

We believe it is simple, really……just take the classics, add some quality raw materials and stringent quality control, keep the batches small and turnover high. And don’t forget to keep an ear out.



Bakeroe was started in 2012 because we thought that dessert should not just mean the ubiquitous brownie and caramel custard and cake should not just mean sponge cake with whip cream. We believed it was possible to give a new and exciting dessert experience with just a little imagination and without it costing the moon.

Looking ahead, we are still looking for ways to improve upon the cafe experience while incorporating more local flavors and ingredients. We have taken it upon us to prove that Indian brands can match international ones and indigenous flavors and fruits can be used in place of firing blueberries and such. Yes, they will make for good desserts!